Friday, October 15, 2004

Patterns, Layers and Business Solutions - GM, SOA, ebXML 

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine has an excellent article on-line - and I really enjoyed the introduction to layers and patterns that this gives.

When you add this to the OASIS BCM work on use of layers and templates and patterns then you see how empowering all this potentially is together.

We're still feeling our way here - but my sense is that both BCM and this article are shining the
light in the right direction for the future of systems development and business solution deployment. The OASIS ebSOA work is trying to formalize this right now.

Tools like ebXML BPSS then provide the implementation layer pattern facilitation for
orchestrating this, along with EPR and EUD work for the front-office layers, with tools like
XDS providing the core information sharing, identity and privacy management.

We continue to make progress with utilizing XML to not just mark-up data, but to script the entire business interchange process and enable business level views to manage and control the processes that the computer systems are directing.

Enjoy, DW

Thursday, October 14, 2004

e-Voting systems issues exposed 

If you had any doubts that this is a classic case of right question, wrong answer - and the need to continue the battle to get this done right - then read the following!


and the article from the ACM archives on how just one vote changed per voting machine could change a close election result with almost zero ability to detect the fraud due to the normal levels of statastical varience in election voting casting.

There are also many good articles from the same issue of the ACM Communications October issue.

My position on this is we need open source software, developed with government resources if necessary, to ensure that we can always verify the actual software process being used.

Monday, October 11, 2004

News on ebXML Messaging V3

Just a short note to point out that the feature preview document is now publically available.

Overall I would say I am happy with the general the direction being taken and the enhancements. The greater flexibility is particularly noteworthy across all aspects and also the move away from tight-coupling to CPA and having an abstract partner agreement view that works across CPA and WSDL is empowering.

There's some slideware being developed for XML2004 that I will share shortly, as an alternative to reading the PDF here, that helps give a high level view. However, reading the PDF is definately an excellent way to dig into the details.

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