Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My presentation today at the OAGi meeting at NIST was well received from a technical crowd.

The download is available here:


The tutorial introduces the CAM technique and shows you how to augment XSD schemas for eBusiness applications by applying context driven assembly and validation against structures and content of eBusiness transactions.

That's a run-on sentence but in essence this gives you an XML scripting technique to capture the business logic between partners sending XML messages.

The jCAM processor available here: http://www.jCAM.org.uk is an open source
implementation of the CAM specifications.

I'm sure you will find some interesting items here if you are into semantics, rule based techniques and XML!

Enjoy, DW

Monday, April 12, 2004

Death by UML Fever!

The ACM Queue magazine published online today this article
from the March edition.

The print edition includes a side-bar from Grady Booth himself too.

This article is a must read. This is one of those things that your
experience and knowledge told you - but you just could not
put your finger on it!

Personally this article is a huge validation of the work I have
been doing with both VisualScript as a tool and the OASIS BCM

Death by UML Fever!

Enjoy, DW.

Friday, April 09, 2004


Just found the most amazing resource for maps and photographs around Europe.

For example - here's the link to photos of places in Kent, England

Click here

Then there is the map resource itself: Multimap.com


It's Easter already - and right on cue this week weather is marvellous.

Took the bike out for an 11 mile spin to get the dust shaken out.

Looking forward to aggressively working on CAM templates and
VisualScript models next week for a variety of applications.

Also preparing for presentation at NIST for OAGi - so building
open source parts for CAM processing with OAGi BODs.

Goal is to show how to use CAM - in three key use cases -
XSD assembly, Content Validation, and Business Transaction assembly.

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