Monday, August 13, 2012

See what America did not from London Olympics closing ceremony 

If you watched the closing ceremony on NBC in America then you were victim to censorship by omission.  Who chose what you saw and why?

Well you may be able to deduce that by seeing what you missed!

So Simon's Cowls "boy band" - IN - Kate Bush - OUT - go figure.

Freedom of artistic expression - what is that, who needs that?

Our advertisers and sponsors do not care for that idea at all.

Add to the list - The Who, Muse, Ray Davis and more segments.

You would not want American audiences being subjected to any liberal thinking and ideas from those troublesome Europeans, now would you?

Just pass out the medals, play the national anthems and we will see you in 4 years time in Rio.  Now those folks really know how to put on a Carnival and TV spectacular with zero overtones or hidden themes; we hope.

But then if you need a round up of how the French, Germans and Americans viewed the games differently, please see this report.

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