Friday, May 14, 2004

UML and Origami?

This week in my perennial discussions with collegues around the value and meaning of UML - and its accessibility to the common man - I suddenly was struck with the simularity with Origami.

In Origami you can model anything - given enough time, folds and large enough sheet of paper (see amazing Dragon models that take 30 hours to fold).

It's that approach with a standard set of small parts carefully assembled in a logical way that can be made to present anything. There are also of course patterns and base components that can be used for a variety of common items. And a formal rigour to the method and way of annotating it.

So the alternate to Origami is scissors, coloured crayons and glue - to assemble paper models (of which I've made over a 1,000+ BTW - I really should post some web piks of those - note to self!). As anyone doing a school project knows - this is the way most people go!

Anyway - Origami aka UML - so what is the scissors and glue method for the rest of us? Give VisualScript a spin - http://www.visualscript.com and check by my VisualScript models area : http://drrw.net/visualscripts/

You really can model all manner of XML models and script processes - and you do not need UML either.

Enjoy, DW

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Wow, this new Blog interface is lightyears better than the old one!

Anyway - as a find my way around - just wanted to draw your
attention to a great paper of Schema Conformance and schema
tools that was presented at Extreme XML 2003.

The only glaring omission here is an assessment of the
OASIS CAM toolset - which looks to improve on what
Schematron offers - ( see http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/cam ).

Anyway - I've written Bob to get his further insights,
but until then - his paper is available here:


Excellent analysis of Schema, DTD, RELAX NG and more.

Enjoy, DW

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Good endorsement and article on the progress of ebXML from a leading analyst.


ebXML’s Move To SOA: Clearly A Good One
By David S. Linthicum, CTO, Grand Central Communications
About this feature:
Integration thought leader and ebizQ columnist David S. Linthicum describes himself as a “big fan” of ebXML, which he says is a big step forward from the likes of EDI and other “outdated” B2B standards. And he says the latest trends on the ebXML front hold much promise for companies choosing to use it.

Good news on the healthcare front today and ebXML. This should
lead to excellent lowcost solutions for healthcare providers in

An open source ebMS release is available from: http://freebxml.org

* Version 3 ebXML Transport Specification--The standard is designed to
enable the transmission of messages in XML or any other format and be a
"transport structure" capable of handling new and legacy messaging formats.
"We're not going to have separate standards for different messaging
formats," says Paul Knapp, co-chair of HL7's XML special interest group and
chief technology officer for Ottawa-based Continovation Services Inc. "We
need a road where we can drive old cars and the new cars coming out."

For more information on the draft trial standards, visit www.hl7.org.

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