Friday, July 15, 2005

New Honda Hybrid 2006 facts and figures 

Wonderful set of details and video on the new Honday HCH. Unfortunately we have to wait till September+ to get a chance to drive one of these. My predict is that the manual transmission version will get serious 60+ mpg figures, based on the 50+mpg possible with the HCH 2005 if you drive it right.


Also - if you just wonder about mini-cars in Europe and the comparisons - then the Clio III detailed here really points up the big differences, especially pollution emissions.


How does a hybrid car work exactly? See here for excellent diagrams and descriptions and side-by-side comparisons:

Monday, July 11, 2005

What alternate news sources are available, with live video feeds? 

The power of the internet to dispense news, and its use by both the traditional news media services and alternate services can be powerfully accessed through this site today:


It's hard to go back to watching television news after all the great resources that this site puts at your finger tips.

Add to this the growing use of RSS feeds to channel break news from trusted sources into an array of such news consolidation sites, and this all shows the future emerging on how and why we receive on personal news choices.

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