Sunday, December 02, 2007

Recognition of contributions to the industry 

The software industry touches every facet of our lives because computers are present in everything from your refrigerator to your car to cellphone services, health, safety, finances and of course government.

It's difficult therefore to estimate the impacts of individual areas of work
in the bigger scheme of things, but we can definitely look at specific areas
of work and point to seminal events in time and space.

One such is the founding of the XML/edi Group (http://xmledi-group.com/) back ten years ago now.

This work was the precursor to first the ebXML initiative (http://ebxml.xml.org) and now the whole area of work that is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the concepts such as those enshrined in the OASIS BCM (Business-Centric Methodology) specification.

It's nice when some small recognition is possible - and the ACM is now 
recognizing senior members who have made contributions in their specific areas of interest - a total of 98 for 2007.

While not quite the Emmy's at least this is satisfying and much cheaper and "green" to organize!

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