Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Quick review of Schwalbe One 451 road tires 

The Schwalbe One are the replacement for the Ultremo ZX which I've ridden for 4,000+ miles and over a year now.

So how do the One tires compare? First impressions very good, very equal on weight and feel in your hand, and depth of rubber around the heel of the tire where you need it most.

The ZX side wall had a tendency to shred strands of cotton, but the new One shows no signs of that.

Schwalbe claim the rolling resistance is lower on the One tires.  Certainly these One's are just as fast as the ZX, maybe a tad faster.  I rode them for the first time in Richmond for the UCI event and did the Cary Street bikes group ride for 40 miles on my Bike Friday, averaging just over 20mph and several segments we were averaging in the high 25+ mph. So I am convinced there - these tires are blazing quick.

Durability seems to be improved also, I have ridden close to 350 miles now on the tires, variety of road quality and trails and they are holding up well.

I keep them at around 110psi inflation with regular 451 inner tubes and that provides a excellent ride quality.

Overall I would give these new Schwalbe One tires a firm and positive recommend.  Worth the asking price, and looking forward to another 4,000 miles ridden on these tires and my Bike Friday.

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