Tuesday, December 07, 2004

ebXML Benefits, Presentations and Adoption 

The recent announcement of the UK DHS implementation of ebMS as the TMS Spine for patient information exchanges shows that ebXML is continuing to mature and prove its value as the open standard of choice for e-Business interchange systems.

See - http://www.ebxml.org/case_studies/NHS-ebMSG-casestudy-041206.pdf

In addition the XML2004 OASIS Interop display of ebXML benefits when combining ebMS, CPA, Registry and jCAM to provide partner provisioning services on an unprecedented level shows how far the ebXML solution set has come in 2004. The components to deploy this are all open source, but also work with commercial solutions such as Cyclone Commerce too.

The presentations can be found at: http://www.ebxmlbook.com/interop along with the documentation, installation and Java code needed to recreate the environment on show at the Interop.

Enjoy, DW


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