Friday, May 14, 2004

UML and Origami?

This week in my perennial discussions with collegues around the value and meaning of UML - and its accessibility to the common man - I suddenly was struck with the simularity with Origami.

In Origami you can model anything - given enough time, folds and large enough sheet of paper (see amazing Dragon models that take 30 hours to fold).

It's that approach with a standard set of small parts carefully assembled in a logical way that can be made to present anything. There are also of course patterns and base components that can be used for a variety of common items. And a formal rigour to the method and way of annotating it.

So the alternate to Origami is scissors, coloured crayons and glue - to assemble paper models (of which I've made over a 1,000+ BTW - I really should post some web piks of those - note to self!). As anyone doing a school project knows - this is the way most people go!

Anyway - Origami aka UML - so what is the scissors and glue method for the rest of us? Give VisualScript a spin - http://www.visualscript.com and check by my VisualScript models area : http://drrw.net/visualscripts/

You really can model all manner of XML models and script processes - and you do not need UML either.

Enjoy, DW

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