Sunday, June 13, 2004

Yesterday we launched the EPR forum website - http://www.eprforum.org

The EPR work - Electronic PRocess - is focused on enabling Global e-Service Solutions, and particularly and open source implementation.

The EPRforum vision is fostering development of public interest services solution which give every citizen, enterprise and administration full opportunity to gain from the e-Society, bridging the digital divide and providing netcentric solutions for all - including :

Services for SMEs (eBusiness)
Trust and Security services
Citizen Collaboration Portals

This is a natural progression of all the work we have been doing with ebXML, then BCM, BPSS and now SOA and finally EPR.

The main fulcum of this work right now is Europe - so check out the site and the
associated organizations that are helping move this all forward.

Enjoy, DW

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