Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Becoming a virtual merchant in 2005 

My 15 year old son has just completed a summer project making the construction of "Paintball Surplus!" as an online resource for his friends and marker fanatics. Actually it only took him a few hours to stand up the first version.

He is using the VisualScript toolset that exploits Amazon.com webservices. Essentially he is now a virtual merchant, adding his time and energy to create a branded focus site from the millions of items Amazon sells. This saves people time and effort trying to hunt and find these items themselves on Amazon. Leveraging his expertise and knowledge about the particular topic to allow you one-stop shopping and great deals from the menus and site he has created.

To try this for yourself - download the tools from http://visualscripts.net and see the sample website for Wines - http://winebin.net that is included.

Welcome to a whole new concept of sales and marketing!

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