Monday, August 08, 2005

A Timeless Lesson of Life, Family, Human Spirit and the Closeness of Evil 

Alan Elsner was at Kent University, Canterbury with me; we were both active in student politics with our different circles and colleges. Fast forward to 2005 and Washington DC and we now live 15 miles apart.

Alan has just published a book about his family and their life through worn-torn Europe - Guarded by Angels - a deeply inspiring recounting :- http://www.alanelsner.com/WWIIbook.htm

Behind the mere mechanics of the story is the realization that this happened just 60 years ago. The line between life today in Europe and N.America and the Europe of 1939 is all too thin. Technology has changed our lives but people still live the kind of life experiences of the Elsner family in Africa, Asia, parts of Europe and S.America today.

Everyone needs to read this book and take inspiration from it, especially the younger generations who cannot quite believe that this could be "real". Life is not just merely about what you own, it is about what you do and how you respect others. It is about how society allows those with power to treat people also. It is the unheard voices that still cry out uncounted today.

Alan has laboured hard over this book, the Elsner family is sharing a true gift in this recounting of all the details of this darkest time for their family and it deserves to have the widest possible audience. The story may not be market or Hollywood "fashionable" but the message is timeless and essential.

This book is deeply inspirational - I hope that you purchase this book and tell other people about it.


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